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People Powered Against the Harms of Fracking
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About Us

HalttheHarm.net is a people-powered network connecting Leaders and Supporters in the movement to halt the harms of fracking, to solve problems, collaborate, share ideas, inspire each other to halt gas development's impact on our families, communities and environment. 

We aim to serve and support the community activists, leaders, experts, and other individuals advocating for the changes needed to halt the harm caused by fracking.This site is for people working in the movement to connect them to each other and to share and access services, resources and tools.

Why Build a Network?
The harms from fracking are real and well-documented, affecting air and water quality, public health, worker safety, wildlife and many other aspects of our lives. 
That has given rise to a movement of dedicated individuals across the country fighting to protect against these dangers. They are advocating for legal and policy solutions and uncovering vital new information about the impacts of fracking and the tactics of fracking apologists seeking to expand drilling at all costs.  But they face a sophisticated, well-financed and unrelenting oil and gas industry that spends millions each year on advertising, lobbying and campaign contributions to buy power and influence at the national, state and local levels.

HalttheHarm.net’s goals are to expand the base of leaders and other advocates working to halt fracking’s harms and to help them connect with other leaders or individuals interested in getting involved. And it aims to organize the tools and supports they need to carry on their work to halt the harms of fracking in their region or community.

Because, though this movement has come very far, it has only begun to harness its full power. HaltheHarm.net can help to make that happen.