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People Powered Against the Harms of Fracking
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The Halt the Harm Network is dedicated to a transparent and open governance structure. At its core, our goal is to create a network structure that is both flexible and distributed. The governance of the network must be representative of the people in the movement, accountable to them, and responsive to their needs and constraints.

The network’s governance is guided by the “FOLKS Protocols,” developed by Bill Traynor, a board member of Netcentric Campaigns and also a partner at Trusted Space, a group that provides consulting and workshops to support grassroots action to connect people across lines of difference for mutual support, empowerment and quality of life.

Current Core Advisory Board
Seth Shonkoff, PSE Healthy Energy
Brook Lenker, FracTracker Alliance
Sam Rubright (Malone), FracTracker Alliance
Stephanie Novak, Mountain Watershed Association
Raina Rippel, Southwest PA Environmental Health Project

The Core Advisory Board:
Participates in quarterly video calls.
- Stays briefed on the activities of the Halt the Harm Network and in tune with the issues and challenges leaders in the movement face. 
- Reviews and gives feedback on budget and workplans.
- Provides feedback on any activity that is unclear or does not support the vision of the Network.
- Provides support for the Network in the form of at least one of the following: 
   - Feedback on activities and services.
   - Introductions to new Leaders and supporters.
   - Ideas for new services and activities that would support Leaders.

We look for Core Advisory Group Members to:
- Have extensive experience working against the harms of fracking.
- Have the time commitment of about 10-20 hours annually
- Be willing to dedicate necessary time to participate in at least 50 percent of the quarterly meetings per year and review materials in advance of calls. 
- Understand and align with the values of the Network and be willing to support its mission and goals.

The process for joining or leaving the Core Advisory Group is managed by the network operations team. The operations team is committed to keeping the Core Advisory to a group of people no more than 5 percent of the total number of Leaders, and who are representative of the movement in terms of expertise, background and years in the field.

If you or someone you know would be eligible and interested in joining, please submit this form and someone will review and respond to your request within one month.