Halt the Harm

People Powered Against the Harms of Fracking
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Finance & Reporting

The Halt the Harm Network tracks network health based on the success of its three main objectives:

1. Build the Network: At the core of HHN is two types of Leaders: those who are organizing others to fight the harms of gas development and those who are developing services and tools to serve them. From the president of a local neighborhood association concerned about impending pipeline development to the staff of national non profit organizations, we work to identify, serve and connect the people that are “hubs” for organizing others.

2. Expand Support Services: We build, launch and assess a growing list of services that lift up the best work of Leaders.

3. Grow the Grassroots Base: We activate a large base of people who join the movement in order to increase both individual and collective efforts to influence media, culture, policy and politics.

We track progress on each of these goals with multiple metrics for success and share reports quarterly with Leaders and funders. Find out more about our governence structure and people involved.