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Halt the Harm Help Center - © Public Herald

In direct response to leader interests, the Halt the Harm Network piloted the Help Center, a public outreach and education initiative that informs people in proximity to fracking sites of the potential harms they may be experiencing. 

We found that many people in Pennsylvania (and around the country) being harmed by fracking aren’t necessarily connecting those impacts with the fracking and gas development boom. 

To pilot the Help Center we launched a powerful TV ad campaign in Pennsylvania directing people to the website frackingnextdoor.com for more information. Visitors to the website could learn more about fracking, download detailed information, and find connections to local groups for support.

Those who have experienced harms as a result of fracking were connected with leaders in Pennsylvania, and provided legal support if needed. 

We finished our pilot of the Help Center in February of 2016. Critical outcomes were: 

(1) a first­-ever collaboration among lawyers willing to help those harmed by fracking. 
(2) Coordinated a group of activists prepared to support those harmed by fracking.

Join the working group if you’re interested in learning more or participating in helping shape this project.

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