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Map of Litigation

Halt the Harm Map of Litigation - © Public Herald

Among the many different tactics that advocates have taken to fighting fracking’s harms, litigation is among the most powerful tools. Yet the rise in these legal battles have led to a need for organizing all of this information in a way advocates and the legal community can use cases, both past and current, to support their work.

American Association of Law Libraries has recognized Ravel Law with its New Product of the Year Award for 2016. Ravel Law is a legal search, analytics, and visualization platform that enables individuals to find, contextualize, and interpret information that turns legal data into legal insights. 

We believe both attorneys and advocates will be empowered from this huge influx of information and find much value in it to advance their work. Currently in its pilot phase, the service is managed in partnership with Leader David Reed from Environmental Action Center, and we are currently offering up to five requests from leaders who wish to use this tool in their particular legal battles.

To watch a webinar on how the tool works, see here.

To request a report, fill out this form here.

This idea was originally conceived at a legal workshop at Stop the Frack Attack’s national conference in Denver in October of 2015. Halt the Harm sent a survey out to 170 Leaders of the Network at the beginning of 2016, and the litigation map idea ranked the highest out of the 16 other ideas presented.

We have started working with Leaders in the legal community and groups working at the intersection of the environment and law in a working group on developing a beta version of this map. If you are interested in becoming a part of the team working on this service, let us know here.