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Zoning Toolkit

Halt the Harm Zoning Toolkit - Source : Danielle LeJeune

So often, people hear about industrial development when it’s too late. Permits have been granted, and any violations of process are in the past. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mountain Watershed Association (MWA), to develop the Zoning Toolkit (currently in development).

By using the zoning toolkit, local communities can quickly identify and challenge industry activity. This will be a powerful tool offering both a resource directory and a notification system which will increase scrutiny of industry development and violations.  

In addition the Zoning Toolkit will help Leaders fighting local zoning issues plan campaigns and leverage the Halt the Harm Network of supporters. 

When successful, the work will help tie services, content and parts of key online infrastructure together to better support those fighting to halt the harms of fracking and gas development projects. Working with MWA, and other partners, we will develop case study of reactions to notifications and best practices building resources for future of work in Pennsylvania and serve as a template for other states.

Photos courtesy of ©Public Herald and Mountain Watershed Association's Instagram Account.