Direct Support for Those Harmed by Fracking

Direct Support for Those Harmed by Fracking

Learn about support services to directly help those harmed by the impacts of fracking. This webinar featured three Halt the Harm Network Leaders to tell you about the services they provide and ways you can access the support. Services featured: Mountain Watershed Association’s Direct Support Fund, Berks Gas Truth’s LocalSTAND and Friends of the Harmed’s Shalefield Stories.

Services featured: Direct Support Fund | localSTAND | Shalefield Stories

About the Presenters:

Stephanie Novak

Stephanie Novak


Stephanie is the community organizer for Mountain Watershed Association. She's also the project coordinator for the Direct Support Fund, an initiative that allows MWA to provide small amounts of money to grassroots groups and advocates working toward social change in the shalefields.

Stephanie's slides

Briget Shields

Briget Shields


In addition to being a founding member of Friends of the Harmed, Briget Shields is also on the steering committee of Pennsylvanians Against Fracking. Friends of the Harmed's publication Shalefield Stories has been distributed throughout the US and Europe. They raise money to help the harmed living in the shale fields of SW PA. Briget is also a founding member of many grassroots organizations in W.PA including

Briget's slides

Karen Feridun

Karen Feridun


Karen is the Founder of Berks Gas Truth, a grassroots community organization of over 1,000 members opposed to shale gas drilling. She's one of the founders of Pennsylvanians Against Fracking. She’s worked with groups who successfully fought pipeline and a gas-to-liquids proposals. She also works with communities across PA, including those fighting PA's first forced pooling application and a parents’ group fighting to keep wells away from the local school district’s campus.

Karen's slides

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