Funding the Frontlines

Funding: it’s always a topic of discussion at any workshop, conference or even informal get togethers among activists and leaders.

Fighting the harms of fracking and gas development requires resources, yet unfortunately, smaller groups in this fight are often hard-pressed to effectively fundraise and find sustainable funding.

Some groups working regionally have found that one unique and helpful way to support smaller grassroots groups and advocates has been through a disbursed small grants model, taking larger, one-off grants from foundations and distributing them.

The Direct Support Fund (DSF) is one such example. Tune in to learn more about how this funding model by Mountain Watershed Association, is slowly changing the tide in Pennsylvania by supporting grassroots groups and individuals through small grants.

This webinar will feature three recipients of DSF where they will share how they used the resources from this grant to fund their unique projects and move the needle on work against fracking’s harms in their communities.

We invite all, from activists looking for funding to funders looking for new and creative ways to fund the movement, to attend, learn and interact with the group.

Click here to see Casey's slides – Funding Real Solutions

Co-hosted by HHN and Stop the Frack Attack

About the Presenters:

Casey Pegg - Shalefield Organizing Committee

Casey Pegg


Casey Pegg is a volunteer community organizer with the Shalefield Organizing Committee, a grassroots organization based in Northeast/Central "Pennsylvania". They are currently helping to coordinate resistance to the proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

Gillian Graber - Protect PT

Gillian Graber


Gillian Graber is the President of Protect PT, a grassroots citizen’s non-profit organization working to ensure the safety, security, and quality of life in Trafford, Penn Township, and surrounding communities.

Ron Slabe - Upper Burell Citizens Against Marcellus Pollution

Ron Slabe


Ron is a retired Pittsburgh Public school teacher, having taught for 33 years. He never dreamed that after retirement he would be part of a movement to fight unconventional drilling and fracking, but some six years ago, the gas industry came to his neighborhood in Upper Burrell Township and started signing people to gas leases.

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