Protect Lake Arlington from Proposed Wastewater Injection

Petition by Liveable Arlington

Target: Railroad Commission of Texas

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Lake Arlington is the main source of drinking water for nearly half a million residents in the Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas area.

However, Bluestone Natural Resources has filed an application to inject toxic wastewater on the west side of Lake Arlington. Aside from the fact that there is a huge risk of this toxic wastewater leaking and contaminating the water supply for residents, wastewater disposal wells have been found to cause earthquakes as well. This well would also threaten the integrity of Lake Arlington dam which is only 9300 ft. away.

Both the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington prohibit these injection wells as part of their municipal gas well ordinance, yet the Railroad Commission is considering the permit request. This is possible due to a 2015 law passed in Texas called HB40 which gave the state the authority to take away local control and restrict a city’s ability to regulate drilling.

The cities of Arlington and Fort Worth have filed protests with the Railroad Commission, and a hearing is scheduled for May 24-25 in Austin, Texas.

Take a few moments to fill out your information (to the right) to send a letter to Railroad Commission of Texas to ask them NOT ALLOW the injection of toxic wastewater near Lake Arlington.

We also request the hearing be held here in Tarrant County, so affected residents can attend, and speak.

Our future and families depend on it.

Please click here to sign our petition to the Texas Railroad Commission

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