Behind the Scenes Services Upgrade / Update :-)

We haven’t heard complaints about the design of, but some of the functions the website offers haven’t been used as often as they could be.

For example, not enough people were accessing the Leader Directory — which as far as we can tell is the only fully vetted directory online for leaders fighting the harms of fracking.

We know this directory is a valuable resource – something that can help us build our movement and win campaigns. If you look at the directory now you’ll notice it’s fairly sparse. We’re in the process of migrating user information from the old site. We wanted you to have the chance to revise your profile before being automatically added to the new directory.

If you’re a leader, go ahead and setup a new account. It takes about 5 minutes to do. Then you’ll be able to access the directory & connect with others in the movement.

If you need help setting up your account, or run into any bugs (this is version 2.0, so we’d love your feedback), contact ryan clover in our activist tech-department.



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