Building the Fracking Help Center

In direct response to leader interests, Halt the Harm Network piloted the Help Center. This was a public outreach and education initiative to help inform people near fracking sites of the potential harms they may be experiencing.

We found that many people in Pennsylvania (and around the country) being harmed by fracking aren’t necessarily connecting those impacts with the fracking and gas development boom.

To pilot the Help Center we launched a powerful TV ad campaign in Pennsylvania directing people to the website for more information.

Here’s the video (30 seconds)

When people called the hotline, or visited, they could learn more about fracking, download detailed information, and find connections to local groups in Pennsylvania for support. We were even able to connect people to legal support if needed.

A New & Improved Help Center

We finished our pilot of the Help Center in February of 2016, and at the time it was the first­-ever collaboration among lawyers willing to help those harmed by fracking. The project also formed a group of activists prepared to support those harmed by fracking

Now in 2017 we’re launching a more extensive version which includes:

  • a knowledge base of articles and documentation
  • support ticketing software so people can get personal help
  • a team of volunteers to offer assistance to support requests
  • The ability to embed a fracking help center widget on your own website

The new help center is a collaborative project with Mountain Watershed Association. The documentation is extensive, and we’re so proud to be able to see this project evolve.

Click here to learn more about the Fracking Next Door Help Center

And be sure to contact us if you’d like to get involved with the help center, or use it as a tool for your campaign.

And of course, if you haven’t already, join Halt the Harm Network 🙂


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