Webinar: What’s In My Food? When Food and Shale Production Intersect

As much as clean air and water are necessary for healthy lives, safe and clean food is just as important. But what happens if the farms where our food comes from are near shale production activity?

Join Halt the Harm Network for a webinar to learn about a new map created in collaboration by Citizens for a Healthy Community and the FracTracker Alliance. Tune in to see this never-before seen map that shows the large overlaps between shale and food production and hear from the experts on the map and how you can use it to support your work. Make sure to listen in after the presentation to hear the Q&A and discussion about how to use this tool to further the conversation about fracking’s harms in your local communities.

Speakers were Natasha Léger of Citizens for a Healthy Community, Ted Auch of FracTracker Alliance and Alison Gannett of Holy Terror Farm.

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About the Presenters:

Natasha Leger
Natasha Léger
Citizens for a Health Community

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Ted Auch
FracTracker Alliance

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Alison Gannett
Holy Terror Farm

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