Leverage Your Campaign

Do you want to bring your campaign to a larger audience?

Your campaign could be featured in this prominent part of our website, and also brought to a large base of supporters. Our team provides direct one on one support to help you launch a campaign through Action Network, a powerful tool for grassroots organizers. www.actionnetwork.org

Click here to learn more about campaign support, and to tell us more about your idea.

While our larger network shares tools & resources, a campaign has a more specific focus. Whether you're starting a new campaign or part of a long time battle, connecting with a network will give you more leverage.

Campaigns coordinated through the network take a variety of forms:

  • Creating a letter campaign or petition
  • Engaging in an industry intervention
  • Mobilizing locally through targeted messages
  • Organizing a rally or event

And better yet, leaders in the network have offered to provide trainings. Every month we have a new training available to the network. If you're already a leader you'll receive the notifications – if not, apply to be a leader or signup on our webinar announcements list.

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