Webinar : Building Your Network – Tools For Collaboration

This is the first in a series of training webinars that connect leaders in the network who have valuable skills to offer. This series is covering topics like : fracking research, litigation, networking, email management, campaign strategy, fundraising, and more... (signup below for details)

Learn about two valuable (and free!) tools which allow you to connect with the right people and build your network :

FracTracker’s Alliance Map shows the location of organizations working on oil and gas issues. The leader directory provided by Halt the Harm allows you to search hundreds of profiles by interest, skill, and location.

In this 30 minute, hands on webinar and Q&A you’ll learn:

  1. The benefits of having your organization, or profile in these directories.
  2. How to use online tools to reach new people and discover opportunities to bring your work even further.
  3. How to participate in online networks while protecting your privacy.
  4. Best practices for reaching out to new contacts (cold outreach).

Hosted by Halt the Harm Network as part of a monthly training series. View the recording below. Want more free services like this webinar?

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About the Presenters:


Sam Rubright

Manager of Communications & Partnerships
FracTracker Alliance

Samantha Rubright has worked with FracTracker since its inception in 2010. With FracTracker, Sam conducts and translates environmental health research for the website; nurtures collaborative relationships; manages FracTracker’s student internship program; and serves as the initial contact for media inquiries.

Sam obtained a master of public health degree from Pitt’s Graduate School of Public Health and PHD candidate in the Environmental and Occupational Health department. Sam has spent time in Africa and Europe exploring and advising on the impacts of extractive industries and recently moved to Washington DC.

Ryan Clover - Eco-Defense Radio

Ryan Clover

Halt the Harm Network

Ryan Clover is a co-founder of Shaleshock Action Alliance – a grassroots effort in Central NY from 2008-2013. He participated in the listening project, coordinated the outreach committee, and helped organize direct action trainings throughout the region.

In 2016 Ryan joined Halt the Harm Network start interviewing members of the network for a local radio program – which eventually turned into Halt the Harm Podcast. Ryan's passions are trainings, facilitation, and helping grassroots campaigns with their messaging strategy.

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  1. Marty Kearns on August 31, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Thanks for the webinar on the maps and network building. I was only able to watch the recording. I really appreciated the feedback and ideas from the leaders. I also appreciate the ways that FracTracker and Halt the Harm Network are sharing the data among each other. It would be wonderful if we can get more organizations that want to help people connect to local leaders and groups for help can share too! Thanks to all that participated and to Sam and Ryan!

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