Using FLIR Cameras to Show Oil & Gas Air Pollution: Seeing is believing!

The Earthworks Community Empowerment Project

Do you want to be able to show, without a doubt, the threats of oil and gas production?

Last year Earthworks created over 250 videos documenting fracking air pollution around the U.S. Through the Community Empowerment Project, Earthworks brings the FLIR GasFindIR 320 Infrared Camera to people living with oil & gas in their backyards and shares the videos with frontline residents, regulators, policymakers, and the media.

The camera makes visible pollution that is invisible to the naked eye.

As mentioned in the webinar:

Both example videos shown during the presentation:

About Our Presenter: Nadia Steinzor

Nadia Steinzor is the Manager of the Community Empowerment Project (CEP) at Earthworks, a national organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the impacts of mining and energy development ( CEP documents air emissions at oil and gas wells and facilities and engages residents in advancing strong federal and state policies to limit emissions of methane and health-harming pollutants created by the oil and gas industry.

Nadia previously served as Earthworks’ Eastern Program Coordinator, working with a growing movement of residents, researchers, and partner organizations concerned about changes to their health, environment, and communities resulting from shale gas development. She has researched and written on health impacts in Pennsylvania, the track record of state regulators in overseeing operations, air pollution policies for the oil and gas industry, and the environmental risks posed by improper regulation and management of oil and gas waste.

Nadia has a background in environmental policy and communications work for non-profit organizations. She holds an M.S. in Environmental Policy from Bard College and both an M.A. in Peace and Development Studies and a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Nadia lives in Willow, New York, in the eastern Catskills.

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