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The Halt the Harm Network serves and connects thousands of people who are working to halt the harm caused by fracking and gas development. The network brings together people from across the nation to share ideas and resources, actively identifying areas where people need support and looking within the network itself to find solutions.

Specifically, Halt the Harm Network serves advocacy leaders working in the field by providing a number of free tools, including help with grassroots organizing, webinar help, connections to legal assistance, campaign support, a speakers’ bureau, advertising assistance, connections to supporters, online technical assistance, and more. Above all, Halt the Harm is a place where leaders can gather and work together to help those living in communities that have been negatively impacted by fracking.

The overall goal of online social media work is to effectively serve the leaders that use those channels to organize work, build the Halt the Harm Network by adding new contacts, and foster the type of online social engagement that grows and strengthens the network.

Three Month Social Media Fellow for Halt the Harm Network

Social Media Fellow for Halt the Harm Network will be an online voice of Halt the Harm Network.  

The work of the fellow should be consistent with their own work and synergistic with their volunteer efforts or their job. We are looking for a voice that is consistent with our focus on service to others and an overall strategy that advances the idea that we need lots of solutions, not just one. We want this voice to be a leader of the movement, rotating to new people on a regular basis through social media.

This position will use social media communications to expand the number of people willing to take leadership in the fight against gas and industry impacts. We want the Social Media Fellow to reassure our current and potential leaders that our team and approach are in line with their efforts and provide valuable assets for them. This role will help Halt the Harm Network leaders strategize, plan, amplify, and manage social media relationships with our network followers. We want people that are interested in serving others in the movement, rather than self-promotion.

The goals for this Social Media Fellowship include:

  • Ensure that services offered by Halt the Harm Network are on the radar among movement leaders and target audiences.
  • Create a strong leader led voice for Halt the Harm Network.
  • Expand the network’s capacity to use social media for technical coordination of allies in the movement, customer service, community outreach, and network building.
  • Expand recognition and focus on key personalities from within the Halt the Harm Network leadership that are trying to grow their social media profile.
  • Provide the rest of the Halt the Harm Network team with a sense of the pulse among network leaders.
  • Develop better practices for future Social Media Fellows working for Halt the Harm Network.


  • Post to Halt the Harm Network social media profiles (Twitter and Facebook) as needed.
    • Online listening and research. Find ideas for campaigns, opportunities to serve, potential webinar speakers, and important movement trends and memes.
      • Promote social media profiles to key leaders in the movement and finding ideas, petitions, calls to action, campaign ideas, and finding partner organizations to work with.
    • Respond to questions and help troubleshoot challenges raised on social media by current and potential leaders of Halt the Harm Network.
      • Work with leaders who reach out to Halt the Harm Network’s social media account, manage campaign requests for services and connect with other leaders.  
  • Manage the online community around Halt the Harm Network’s social media channels.
    • Check in regularly with other social media leaders for status updates, progress reports and to help troubleshoot issues.
    • Facebook outreach
      • Follow groups on Facebook that post quality articles that align with our mission
      • Research groups they talk about
      • Research groups that comment on their posts
      • Follow Leaders doing important work
    • Research groups that follow us on Facebook but aren’t Leaders
      • Reach out to those groups
    • Twitter
      • Keyword searches
      • Following potential Leaders
      • Follow current Leaders
      • DM or tweeting
      • Looking at social media people followers
    • Twice a month the Social Media Fellow will check in with Halt the Harm’s internal network operations team via our content review calls with status updates including new ideas for potential campaigns and work on current campaigns.
    • Regularly the team will vet new ideas for campaigns (both local and national) and develop outreach and research on potential campaign ideas and leaders who may need campaign support.

Estimated time commitment: 10-15 hours/month


  • Represent Halt the Harm Network accurately and well through outreach to potential, new and current leaders when looking for new campaign ideas and partnerships.
  • Ability to multi-task and easily switch between multiple active campaigns and leader requests.
  • Serve as a credible source of knowledge and information to new leaders about fracking or the network.
  • Baseline knowledge of fracking and environmental movement
  • Some knowledge of political and legislative work, advocacy and lobbying on state and local level.
  • Knowledge and experience in community organizing
  • Experience working with a variety of audiences: grassroots, grasstops, etc.
  • Willingness to work flexible hours.
  • Proficiency in social media communication tools and platforms, Slack, Google docs, Trello, reporting and Excel database.
  • Online and offline campaign experience.
  • Excellent communication skills.

We seek to award the Social Media Fellowship to people whose work is synergistic and complementary to their current role or volunteer efforts.  

Report to: Marty

How to Apply

Please email, resume, and the names and contact information of two professional references in to Halt the Harm Content Team, at

Please state “Social Media Fellow Application” in your subject line. All applications will be acknowledged by return email. Applications received by Sunday, May 20th, 2018 will receive first consideration.

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