Myths and Realities of zoning protections from Oil & Gas

If you are a community leader or concerned citizen concerned about oil and gas development in your community, then zoning is something you should know about.

What you’ll get from this webinar presentation:

  • An overall and broad understanding of the municipal and county zoning laws and how they impact the development of oil and gas infrastructure.

  • Insight into recent casework in PA involving zoning oil and gas infrastructure and how these important cases have set a new precedent for zoning laws.

  • Effective strategies for community leaders and citizens to use these recent developments to make informed decisions for their community.

Communities have been assuming risk that they have not agreed to and would never agree to – and the situation is only getting worse. Polluters are effectively planning these communities’ future. What’s more… they have experienced and adept legal counsel to help them navigate a complicated regulatory process – often so they can begin the permit approval process before it even exists.

How can the rest of us participate in deciding the pollution risks our communities are being asked to bear?

Fair Shake Legal Collective are lawyers that go beyond the courtroom to give community leaders the tools they need to become equal players in the decisions about their health and future. Community strength against risk comes from knowledge and action. Understanding the laws in place within your local government is the first step to taking your communities back and defending your environment.

Join Fair Shake Legal Collective attorneys for a brief presentation and Q&A session to learn how you can best participate in the legal process and make decisions about oil & gas project developments.

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