Who pays? The economic and health impacts of fracking in PA

We had a great webinar today. Big thanks to Tracy, Erica, and Mark for presenting and answering questions. Great turnout too!

Click here to watch the recorded webinar replay via Zoom.

Some of the links mentioned in the webinar:

And the videos:

Since the advent of unconventional shale gas drilling, some effects have been immediate, some have emerged over time and some are just becoming apparent. The webinar shares the two reports with a goal of seeking to advance our understanding of the breadth of the impacts of fracking in Pennsylvania by examining what science and analysis tell us about the health effects and economic costs of fracking, who is paying now, and what we can expect the future price is will be.

The information in these reports exposes how, in many sectors of society, unexamined and unassessed health and economic costs that cry out for immediate attention and action.

In this webinar you’ll learn what actions by individuals, groups, or local government can be taken to address these costs.


  • Erica Jackson, Community Outreach and Communications Specialist, FracTracker Alliance and author of “Categorical Review of Health Reports on Unconventional Oil and Gas Development; Impacts in Pennsylvania”.
  • Mark Buckley, Ph.D., Partner & Senior Economist who leads the natural resource practice at ECONorthwest, Portland Oregon and lead author of “The Economic Costs of Fracking in Pennsylvania”.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar replay via Zoom.

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