Movement Networking and Campaign Updates

We have so much to learn from each other and the different fights around the country.

Pipelines, export facilities, fracking, storage hubs, refineries, ethane crackers… the list goes on.

You know better than most – taking on one of the most powerful and reckless industries ever to exist is hard, thankless work.

And if you’ve ever been to a conference you know much of the energy is in the lobby and hallways where we can meet each other and connect with old friends.

Over the past few years we’ve hosted webinars to give an ongoing platform to members of the network who have something to share.

But what about the lobby, the hallway, the lunchtime connections?

This week we’re hosting a live, lunchtime networking session (via Zoom) with special guests from the HaltMarinerNow campaign.

You’re invited to join in the call at 1:00pm – and unlike webinars we’re using the meeting format so everyone has the option to speak and show up on camera (again, optional).

​Register once, and then you’ll get a link every Wednesday via email to join in the facilitated zoom calls.

  • Meet other people fighting oil & gas projects
  • Learn about different campaign successes and challenges
  • Share what you’re working on and get support

Each week a different campaign or project will open with a 15 minute update to share what they’re doing. If you have something to share, please contact and I’ll add you to the calendar ASAP.

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