Thank you Shane Capra and Maple O. for sharing a handful of links (including a 15 minute video about FERC) from Beyond Extreme Energy.

In the replay video from this week’s networking session you’ll get:

  • a 15 minute overview of the efforts to disrupt FERC’s approval of oil and gas infrastructure projects
  • current work, including resources created by BXE to help frontline groups better understand FERC and its relationship to local projects
  • an update on recent (and upcoming) actions in D.C. to confront FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee, on their consistent rubberstamp approval of fossil fuel projects.

Session Notes:

Date: 2020-02-12
Shane Capra, Maple O.

Key Takeaways

  • FERC has reviewed 500+ projects, pipelines, etc… only rejected 2.
  • When FERC has quorum, or when FERC is de-stabilized, no permits are being issued.
  • Disrupting FERC actually slows or puts a halt on construction, allowing more frontline strategies a chance to win
  • FERC is “the most dangerous organization you’ve never heard of”
  • Most of us are focused on what’s happening in front of us, and overlook this central organization which is responsible for approving many of the projects we’re faced with

BXE is focused on

  • helping groups understand the traps of FERC’s process which can exhaust our efforts
  • confronting or disrupting FERC itself, their operations
  • drawing attention to what they are doing

What can people do from afar?

BXE resource packets

Upcoming Actions

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