How to Involve Your Kids in Protecting Their Environment

Last year a group of 40+ kids traveled to Harrisburg, from all over Pennsylvania to bring letters and a pledge to the governor’s office. They created costumes, made friends, and even caught the governor trying to sneak away from his office.

In this webinar you will see an example of how you, as parents and caregivers can involve children in the democratic process, and taking on fracking, climate change, and air pollution.

You’ll hear from parents and children who participated in last year’s trip and their thoughts on family activism and the value of normalizing civic engagement as a way to teach future generations to be active in their communities.

Speakers are Gillian Graber, Mom and Executive Director of Protect PT, Karen Feridun of Better Path Coalition, and of course, the kids!

Signup for this year’s “Return of the Lorax” trip in PA.

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