Rebuilding the Leader Directory in 2020

Let’s face it, the Leader Directory has been a challenge – so we’re rebuilding it from the ground up.

You may have joined, set up your profile, and then realized it was a bit slow and challenging to find your way around. The map never quite worked the way it should, and you maybe weren’t sure if your message was being received.

Yet we continue.

One of our core values is to build version 1 before version 2.

And to innovate, we need to be okay with things not being perfect, and take the time to listen and put our energy toward projects that were needed.

Right now I don’t have a link to share, but I can give you a sneak peak of how the new directory is going to work. We recently partnered with a talented app designer who is connecting the directory with the new Campaign Network.

Here’s a screenshot.

directory mockup
The Leader Directory is being rebuilt from the ground up to quickly connect you with nearby Leaders, Organizations, and Resources to help your fight.

This map will connect with the user profiles in the Campaign Network – the social network shared by organizations and campaigns fighting oil & gas. You can also see a list of active campaigns, mark favorites, and add resources too.

Using the map, you can find people nearby – and you can also quickly find shared resources like email lists, forums, and research.

Together we can build a movement capable of standing up to oil & gas industry and their reckless harms on public health, lands, and resources.

Something you can do right now is join the Campaign Network.

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