5 Reasons Local Campaigns Should Host Webinars and Online Events

There are many reasons you would benefit from adding online events beyond raising awareness about the issue.

Here are 5 other reasons which can help you get even more value for the time you put into planning and hosting your event.

When you work with Halt the Harm Network to plan an event, these 5 outcomes are built right into the event planning service (read more below).

#1 Grow an audience

A single online event can add a hundred or more highly engaged people to your email list. These are people who want to hear from you, and you can follow up and invite them to contribute in other ways. 

#2 Connect with experts

Filmmakers, journalists, researchers, scientists, and other leaders in the movement are often willing to speak on a panel or give a presentation – and hosting them is a way to network and get to know them. This helps you build connections and strengthen your own personal network.

#3 Create media for your group or campaign

After an online event, you have a video recording you can feature on your website or share again and again. You can edit an hour-long presentation into shorter sections that can be used again and again. Choose topics for your online events that can help you build supportive information for your work.

#4 Empower people to get involved and learn important skills

You can use events to teach important skills, raise awareness, and spread the enthusiasm that motivates you to do your work. If there is a skill or topic you are passionate about, share it with an online event. You’ll get practice presenting, and you’ll be supporting the entire movement to be more impactful.

#5 Rally support at a critical moment

When you have an important message or announcement, having an event creates a deadline and a choice – two ingredients for rallying support when you need it. In the busy world of online information, news, and endless posts, an event invites people to make a commitment. The people who show up will be the most engaged supporters you can speak with directly. 

Let’s work together to plan your next online event. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a meeting to discuss your event idea
  2. You will get a planning document to gather the title, dates, description, speaker bios, and outreach materials. We will work together to complete this document and create a timeline.
  3. You will get a Zoom link and registration page for your event
  4. You can create the event in the Campaign Network and anywhere else you’d like to announce it. 
  5. We will support your event with announcements to our email list of supporters and network members
  6. We will provide technical hosting of your event
  7. You will get a replay video to share and post, and additional production support if you want to edit the video in any way
  8. Finally, you will get the registration list of people who signed up and attended your event live.

And optionally…

Schedule a repeat event. Now that we’ve created this webinar together, scheduling another date for this event a month or two later would achieve many of the benefits with only an extra couple hours of work. 

Schedule a 15-minute meeting to discuss your event idea

Click here to schedule a call, or visit halttheharm.net/booking

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