Injection Wells In Your Community: What You Need to Know

The waste products from oil and gas development are highly radioactive and pose dangerous risks to human health and the environment. These wastes are often stored in injection wells, which can potentially lead to earthquakes, leaks and contamination of local water sources and other issues.

While states like Ohio have traditionally taken this waste for injection well storage, they are running out of room for storing the large volumes of waste. Now, other states like Pennsylvania are preparing for an increase of these toxic sites. Even if your community is not currently facing a proposed injection site, it could be at risk for future injection sites.

Challenging injection wells can be extremely difficult. A few communities have strong ordinances that protect them from these sites, but most municipalities either do not have a strong ordinance or do not address these sites in their ordinance at all, making their communities easy targets for the industry.

Once an injection site is proposed, it may be approved with little to no community knowledge or involvement. Not knowing how to navigate the injection well permitting process puts communities at increased risk.

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