Fracking with Forever Chemicals – Panel Discussion

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) released an expose’ on the use of PFOA and PFOS chemicals in more than 1,200 wells. These are often called “forever chemicals” because they are dangerous to human health and do not break down.

The bombshell report released today by HHN leaders (and long-time network participants) is a must read and a must engage.

This report raises new suspicions that the forever chemicals are affecting fracked communities, waste muds, drilling sites, and all the wells, pipelines, and infrastructure. The use of forever chemicals bring all of us another front in the fight to halt the harms.

Panel Discussion

Fortunately, we have the people behind this breaking news joining us today to talk about the report, the science and implications of industry use of PFOAs in fracking. Get to know them, learn about the work and find some ways to help them get the word out about the threat.

Dusty Horwitt, Barb Gotlieb, PFAS, PFOA, experts, and Community leaders from Texas will talk about the report and its findings.

Please read the report, the media coverage, and join us for this event.

We are committed to helping Dusty and Barb as well as any interested partners to plan follow up activities, help them get the story out farther, and finding ways to help you integrate these messages and works in your outreach, social media, and future campaigns.

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