Weekend Special! Watch Dark Waters with Halt the Harm Network

We are hosting an exclusive online viewing of Mark Ruffalo’s Dark Waters. The movie beautifully tells the story of standing up for communities against seemingly impossible odds. Β You will see many powerful parallels to the challenges and types of people throughout our movement.

Available via support of Halt the Harm Network donor, we can only stream the movie to 500 people. You can enjoy the film any time from Friday to Sunday. This limited access online event is for participants in Halt the Harm Network, friends, families, and allies.

To kick things off we’re having a very special event on Thursday at 7 pm with the film’s main character, attorney Rob Bilott from West Virginia. (He is played by Mark Ruffalo in the film!).

You’ll get the details when you register.

Click here to save your spot and we’ll send you the special link to watch the film for free anytime between July 9th and 11th!

Why this film?

Dark Waters provides an opportunity to talk about victories fighting large industries, the toll it takes on everyone, the role of science, and the importance of your work and efforts.

This online viewing provides us with the rare opportunity to celebrate those that fight to do the right thing, despite immense pressure to “play along”. It is a movie that stirs the soul and stokes the fire in our fight!

This is a free event for you.

Click here to get weekend access to Dark Waters

You will be given access to the movie (it is a good one!) to stream it online over the weekend.

About Dark Waters

Dark Waters is a gripping thriller about a corporate defense attorney who risks his career and family to challenge a chemical company – exposing a lengthy history of pollution.

Watch the trailer here

We can’t wait to watch it with everyone!

Ryan Clover Halt the Harm Network

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