Stand up to Fracking! Halt the Harm Network Summit 2022

We hosted our first network summit – a 4-day event with over 30 different people from across the movement sharing what they are working on and how to get involved. The summit wrapped up with a national strategy call to discuss network building opportunities.


Speakers from the following Groups

  • Beyond Petrochemicals Campaign
  • Beyond Plastics
  • Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan
  • Communitopia
  • Concerned Citizens of Navarro County
  • Damascus Citizens for Sustainability(DCS)
  • Earth Dog Films, Fracking the System
  • Earthworks
  • Environmental Health News
  • FracTracker Alliance
  • Keep It Wild
  • Lisa Johnson and Associates
  • OJI:SDA’ Sustainable Indigenous Futures
  • Ohio River Valley Institute
  • Park Foundation
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania
  • Property Rights and Pipeline Center
  • ReImagine Appalachia
  • Sierra Club
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Yale School of Public Health and Yale Cancer Center


  • Opening SessionMeet the Presenters
  • Barb Jarmoska, Keep It Wild – Playing the long game: Overcoming defeat and setting new goals in the oil & gas fight
  • Judith Enck, Beyond Plastics – Telling the truth about plastic pollution
  • Jackie Sawicky, Concerned Citizens of Navarro County – Pushing back against the Bitcoin Empire in Texas
  • Barbara Arrindell, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability(DCS) – Precautionary approach to fighting oil & gas
  • Beka Economopoulos, The Natural History Museum – “We Refuse to Die” – Exhibition and movement building with the Natural History Museum
  • Kelly Sheehan, Sierra Club – Stopping gas exports to protect public health and avert the climate crisis!
  • Ben Hunkler, Ohio River Valley Institute – Shared prosperity in the Ohio River Valley
  • Karen Edelstein, FracTracker Alliance – Using maps to inspire action
  • Kristina Marusic, Environmental Health News – Stories of plastic, toxic chemicals, and oil & gas pollution
  • Jamie Henn, Fossil Free Media – Making headlines / Getting press coverage
  • Jason Corwin, OJI:SDA’ Sustainable Indigenous Futures – Victory against the Epiphany Allegheny corporation and the ongoing battle against the Northern Access Pipeline in NY
  • Cozetta LaMore, Choices Interlinking Alliance, Environmental and social racism: A Systemic Trauma-informed response
  • Dana Kuhnline, ReImagine Appalachia – Building power across labor, environmental advocates, faith leaders, and racial justice leaders in Appalachia
  • Eric de Place, Beyond Petrochemicals Campaign – The Beyond Petrochemicals Campaign
  • Brian Hedden, Earth Dog Films – Colorado’s oil and gas wars – Upcoming documentary film
  • Sharon Wilson, Earthworks – Making the invisible visible – FLIR camera to expose oil & gas pollution
  • Alexis Goldsmith, Beyond Plastics – Skill building for grassroots organizers
  • Ted Glick, Beyond Extreme Energy – The campaign to replace FERC with FREC
  • Kirk Jalbert, Civic Science for Environmental Futures Collaborative, Community science, data, and information technologies in the environmental justice movement
  • Amy Panek, Park Foundation, Funding to Protect the Environment
  • Raina Rippel, Communitopia – Transformative Climate Education for all
  • Lisa Johnson, Lisa Johnson and Associates – Legal advocacy for fracking victims and learning industry tactics
  • Cassandra Clark, Yale School of Public Health and Yale Cancer Center – Unconventional oil and gas, childhood cancer, exposure assessment
  • LuAnne Kozma, Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan – Getting a statewide ban on fracking and fracking waste on the ballot in Michigan
  • Rebekah Sale, Property Rights and Pipeline Center – Protecting landowners’ rights against pipeline development
  • Tammy Murphy, Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania – Addressing the Health Impacts of Fracking
  • Diane D’Arrigo, Nuclear Information and Resource Service – Risks of radioactive waste

📢 How to Participate

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