FracTracker 2019 Community Sentinel Award nominations now being accepted

August 9, 2019

From The impacts of the oil and gas industry are visible across the United States: farms sliced by dangerous pipelines, neighborhoods invaded with fracked wells, towns choked by petrochemical emissions, streams littered with throwaway plastics, regions plagued by extreme weather and a changed climate. But hope abounds in the thousands of volunteers working in…

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Taking Control of the Oil & Gas Permitting Process

August 1, 2019

If you are concerned about new polluters coming to your region, then environmental permitting is something you should know about – and you’re invited to the second webinar in a series with Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services. This presentation and Q&A is offered by Megan Hunter Esq, who is experienced in permitting under the Clean…

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HHN Welcome Committee Fellowship 2019

July 29, 2019

Note: The 2019 Welcome Committee fellowships for HHN have been filled. Make sure to join the network to be informed about upcoming opportunities. Welcome Committee fellows make sure the process for participating in Halt the Harm Network are smooth, inclusive and friendly.  We support network participants via the “Welcome Committee”. We are looking for people…

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Announcing HHN Campaign Project Fellowships 2019

July 29, 2019

This program aims to support people fighting the harms of fracking and gas development. The program also seeks to support Fellows interested in informing and organizing people in their community. The Fellowship offers hands-on experience, talent development, and structured immersion in network building and movement support. Details: This Fellowship provides a stipend of $500 and…

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Who pays? The economic and health impacts of fracking in PA

July 10, 2019

Since the advent of unconventional shale gas drilling, some effects have been immediate, some have emerged over time and some are just becoming apparent. The webinar shares the two reports with a goal of seeking to advance our understanding of the breadth of the impacts of fracking in Pennsylvania by examining what science and analysis tell us about the health effects and economic costs of fracking, who is paying now, and what we can expect the future price is will be.

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Myths and Realities of zoning protections from Oil & Gas

June 27, 2019

If you are a community leader or concerned citizen concerned about oil and gas development in your community, then zoning is something you should know about. What you’ll get from this webinar presentation: An overall and broad understanding of the municipal and county zoning laws and how they impact the development of oil and gas…

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Be informed, prepared, and involved when industry is your neighbor!

March 27, 2019

Collecting data and documenting health and environmental violations can be daunting. You may feel discouraged and simply give in to the industry’s narrative that there is nothing citizens can do to stop it. But that’s not true. You have rights, and you can document violations of your rights and report them in an effective manner.…

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Travis London, Leadership and Connecting People

December 5, 2018

In this episode Travis London shares his story of taking leadership on environmental issues in his community in Donaldsonville Louisiana. We talk about networking, movement building, and learn about his experience fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline which would connect oil from the Bakken fields with refineries on the Gulf Coast. Travis wants all of us…

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Thank you!

November 25, 2018

Thank you. Thank you for all you do to fight the harms of fracking and gas development. Thank you for reading and listening and being informed. Thank you for supporting leaders in your community that are fighting among crazy conditions and seemingly insurmountable industry pressures. Thank you for speaking up about the threats and harms…

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Andy Myers, Using Film To Mobilize

November 21, 2018

In this episode Andy Myers joins us to talk about using film as a tool for organizing and mobilizing around an issue. Andy Myers is the Campaign Coordinator for Working Films. A longtime proponent of linking films and activists, he has coordinated several state and national film campaigns, facilitated cross-organizational coalitions, and led multiple trainings…

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