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The leader network is a vetted directory of experts, researchers, organizers, presenters, and people impacted by the industry who are connecting with each other to take decisive action to protect their communities from oil & gas.

The application is below, but first, here are some of the benefits of joining the leader network.

Pro Bono Services

Access free professional services from other leaders in the network. Services can campaign planning, fundraising, technical support, mapping, expert testimony, and legal help.

Host Webinars

Offer a presentation to the network and get tech support, promotion, and a video replay you can share to build your base.

Expand your Reach

Bring announcements for your events and actions to a large base of 10,000+ supporters. All you need to do is provide the announcement to the network outreach team.

Connect with Other Leaders

Access a directory with over 300 leaders dedicated to fighting the industry.

Access Campaign Tools

Set up your own group in the network to plan a campaign, organize your documents, schedule meetings, and make it easier for new people to get involved.

Shared Resources

Hundreds of leaders in the fight are contributing their best resources; factsheets, white-papers, and trainings to the network

It Takes 2 Minutes to Join

The Halt the Harm Network Leader Directory is a vetted network, includes a private discussion forum, and gives you access to free services and tools, including expert services by other leaders in the network.

Please complete this application and you will hear back from Ryan Clover-Owens, the current directory manager for the network.

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This is a vetted directory intended for people committed to defending people, communities, and nature from the harms of oil & gas industry. This additional step helps ensure the network is a valuable for you and every other members.