Join the Network

The leader network is a vetted, online network of experts, researchers, organizers, presenters, and people impacted by the industry who are connecting with each other to take decisive action to protect their communities from oil & gas.

If you're new, you can join here. In the network you can browse events and join or start conversations. You can choose what topics to follow and connect with people 1:1.

7 Elements of an Advocacy Network Venn Diagram

Services Available for Network Members

Pro Bono Services

Professional services from mapping, fundraising, technical help, media, expert testimony, and even legal support.

Host Webinars

Offer a presentation to the network and get tech support, promotion, and a video replay you can share to build your base.

Action Alerts

Network members can broadcast their announcements and actions to a large base of 10,000+ supporters, organized by state or region.

New Connections

Access a directory and alliance map with over 300 people and organizations dedicated to fighting the industry.

Message Boards

Set up your own discussion group to plan a campaign, organize events, share materials, and make it easy for people to join.

Shared Resources

Leaders in the fight are contributing their best resources; fact sheets, white-papers, and trainings so you can access what you need.

Halt the Harm Network is supported by Netcentric Campaigns.