Launch A Campaign to Fight Forever Chemicals & Fracking

Join a 4-week group program to share resources, training, and expert support to launch a campaign that is comprehensive, accurate, and successful.

Protecting your health and community shouldn't be so complicated... But it is.

Forever chemicals, radiation, health risks, zoning, permits, gas industry exemptions, digital tools, connecting with experts, planning, media, logistics...

...chances are you could use help in one of these areas so you can run an effective campaign with less time and effort.

  • You need to feel confident speaking to the risks of forever chemicals and fracking
  • You need to know what targets are the best use of your time
  • You need to have materials that communicate the issue effectively
  • You need to connect with experts are available to give testimony, speak to the media, and confirm your concerns

And all of this needed to happen yesterday – and the logistics of pulling it all together is too much to do alone. Which means you're always on the defensive...

Meanwhile, the industry continues to get a foothold in your community and build convincing arguments for why they should be allowed to do whatever they want, at any cost.

The industry lawyers and public relations teams have years of experience streamrolling projects in community after community.

It's time to change this picture.

A network-based campaign can give you the upper hand.

Your campaign must raise awareness of the threats from PFAS contamination, explain why dealing with the issue immediately is essential to protect the health and welfare of your community, and offer an action that moves to solve the threat.

The campaign materials should clearly represent your point of view, reflect your insights, go after the decision-makers you want to target, and be accurate and compelling for your neighbors to get involved.

Ultimately your voice, your leadership, and your community's vision to protect yourselves need to shine through the campaign.


Imagine this:

  • Your campaign is convincing and difficult for industry to discredit
  • Your talking points are organized, compelling, and spreading
  • You have a clear plan to build awareness, a clear call to action
  • You have images, social posts, and talking points when you need them
  • You have the support of communications, campaign, and issue experts
  • You have technical support so you aren't wasting time figuring out new tools
  • People read your materials, sign up, and take action!

Want your campaign to tick all of these boxes?

The fastest way to get there is with a coordinated, 4 week process.


The PFAS Campaign Accelerator

PFAS and PFAOS (also called "Forever Chemicals") Campaign Accelerator is an online program that helps you build a campaign and messaging strategy in 4 weeks.

  • Week 1 – Research

    You'll work with other leaders to identify industry plans, pressure points, and gather everything you need into a campaign planning document. No more guessing what works.

  • Week 2 – Content

    You'll clarify your messaging strategy – connect with experts, and practice communicating your talking points.

  • Week 3 – Schedule

    You'll outline a calendar of events, announcements, and calls to action that will help you mobilize and build your base of support.

  • Week 4 – Prepare

    You'll polish up your campaign with the support of experts, designers, and others in your small group.

At the end of the 4-weeks you will be ready to launch a campaign that moves people to action and increases commitment from community members.

Here's what's included

Campaign Kit

You'll be able to access the extended PFAS Briefing package, which includes shared library of graphics, articles, and research to make your campaign a unique resource on the issue.

Expert Support

Options for one on one consultation from subject area experts in addition to the small group program gives advanced support to make sure you have what you need.

Content Templates

You set the strategy and the targets for local, state, or federal pressure and policy change – and we'll help provide materials you need to run a successful campaign.

Free Software Tools

The accelerator includes free access to Action Network, a powerful campaign tool you can use to run letter campaigns and manage an email list.

Live Training

Regular scheduled support brings you step by step through choosing a strategic target, creating content, prepare your campaign schedule.

An Ongoing Network

Access the PFAS accelerator campaign group to ask questions and stay in touch with other inspiring people who are also focused on forever chemicals and fracking.

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Sign-up for More Information

Registration and start date will be announced soon. The cohort will begin in September 2021. Make sure you apply to be included in the invite. Questions, contact ryan@halttheharm.net


The Campaign Accelerator does not have a registration fee. This work is provided by Halt the Harm Network as part of our mission to strengthen the movement from the ground up. In exchange, we ask for your commitment to the group process. Please see the full schedule and expectations below.

3 things we do for you in the program

  • Help you clarify your campaign messaging and content with workshops, assignments, and feedback
  • Connect you with other leaders working on campaigns that address forever chemicals in the oil & gas industry so we can support each other in the long run.
  • Set up your digital tools and a customized action for you (petition, event, letter campaign)

Here's how the Campaign Accelerator helps you get a complete campaign plan and content together in just 4 weeks with about 5-10 hours a week.


Live sessions are held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 12 PM - 1 PM Eastern, with an optional Q&A discussion afterward.

Monday is a class, Tuesday is an over-the-shoulder tutorial, and Wednesday is a scheduled co-work session. That's 3 - 6 hours per week in session depending on whether you stay for Q&A.


This is an interactive online training using Zoom. Recordings, shared resources, and other materials will be provided in a private forum. Attend live sessions prepared to participate as you would in an in-person training.

This program happens online and we will do our best to ensure it's accessible to everyone. If you have needs for closed captioning or sign language interpretation, please let us know in your application so we can make arrangements for in-person events.

Weekly Projects:

There is a project assignment each week that will take a couple of hours minimum to complete. Each project is due at the end of the week and they add up to a completed campaign-building action.

You'll have help with technical details, digital tools, and have support to answer questions and get feedback. Your commitment is to focus on the campaign content.

By the end of the program, you will have created important online campaign assets and learned the skills to manage them. Over time you’ll grow an email list of people interested in taking action as your work evolves.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone working on oil & gas issues who wants to increase the impact of their work and be connected with a network of campaigns working to prevent oil & gas industry harms. We welcome a range of experience levels from beginner to long time organizers. Most importantly, this program is for people who want to fight the harms of oil & gas industry and be most effective with their time and energy.

Register today to make sure you hear about the upcoming cohort. Questions, contact ryan@halttheharm.net


We can build stronger campaigns together

Hi, I'm Ryan Clover-Owens, one of the hosts for the Campaign Accelerator and on the operations team for Halt the Harm Network.

And I'm The movement fighting the ills of fracking seems big and vast but yet every time we start a campaign it feels like we're starting from scratch.

Hosting webinars, creating documents, tracking news reports, digging through health compendiums, getting access to experts, meeting the right staff or volunteers in every city, mobilizing thousands of allies and supporters is all possible... but each time it feels like learning to walk all over again.

The resources are hidden, the rumors of allies prove fleeting, and in the end, many of the lifelines are thrown to you pull you in a new direction, toward someone else's agenda.

Together, with dozens of contributors, Halt the Harm Network’s campaign accelerator work is here to serve you so you can be more successful in the fights you want to advance.

With access to specialists – be it a geoscientist, radiation expert, or a web designer, the barriers to having an effective campaign dissolve and you can start winning protections you deserve.

So with that, we welcome you to join us in the upcoming Campaign Accelerator.

~ Ryan and Raina

Who this program is for

Accidental Activists

You're not part of any organization, but you're mounting a fight against a fracking project or working to change policy.

Community Organizers

You work or volunteer with a nonprofit organization. You want to mobilize your base and build power to win specific campaigns.


You need to continually energize and expand your group's work, and a campaign focused on PFAS would provide the content and connections you need to succeed.

Chemical Experts

You've spent a great deal of your life pursuing a topic related to PFAS, and you want to share your experience, research, or resources to support the fight.


You're a writer or artist who wants to use your skills to push back on industry propaganda and support a campaign against fracking waste.

Group Members

You're involved with an organization and want to help connect your group with others in the movement working on PFAS and fracking issues.

Not enough time?

That's exactly why this program is structured around a 4 week commitment. If not now, when? As a network we can work faster and more effectively.


Do I have to join a group?

No.This is your campaign. You can focus on the issues, persuading people, and less about getting things together or various technical skills. We invest in your campaign and the promotion of your efforts.

How much does the program cost?

The Campaign Accelerator is free for anyone working to protect their community from the harms of the oil & gas industry. This program is provided by Halt the Harm Network with generous grant funding. Numerous people have volunteered their time and expertise to help create this program. We ask that you commit to the mutual support that we're creating in this group and participate to the best of your ability.

We are so busy already. Is this campaign accelerator right for us? 

As long as you know for sure that you have something valuable to offer then what you need most is a chance to focus those ideas into a clear, public invitation to participate.

Also, this is a coaching program – and I won't shy away from asking tough questions and holding you accountable for your goals.

How much time do I need to commit?

Live sessions are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for four weeks. Monday is a class, Tuesday is an interactive workshop to complete the week's assignment, and Wednesday is scheduled time to work together. To get the best outcome set aside at least 3 - 6 hours a week when you can focus. Tell your friends and family you'll be working on this weekly for the 4 week period of time so you can really dedicate to the project.

What if I can't make the live calls?

That's totally fine if you can't make some of them. However, to really benefit from the program you should be able to carve out the time during the four week period and show up live to the workshop through your website project.

If you miss a one-hour session just make sure to schedule yourself an hour at some other time to work through the assignment for the week.

The classes will be recorded and uploaded to your course dashboard where you can always access them.

What is Halt the Harm Network

HHN is a small organization that provides a platform for grassroots leaders to connect around a shared mission of protecting their health, communities, and environment from reckless oil & gas development.

Network services have included technical support, outreach, and hosting an online forum and events calendar for oil & gas related issues. Our leader directory has almost 300 profiles of people around the United States working on these issues. The Campaign Accelerator is a service provided by the network team with the support and expertise of leaders in the network.

How long will I have access to materials?

The recordings of our live trainings will be provided to you for future access and you can have them as long as you like. You will also get future versions as the course evolves.

The online discussion group will also stay active so you can be in touch with other members of the program and new people who join in future sessions.

The PFAS briefing package will also continue to be developed and be available for your access. Everything in the package, including the index of graphics, images, quotes, and research articles will be available when you need them.

Register to hear about the next cohort. Questions, contact Raina Rippel at support@halttheharm.net