Leader Directory

You're not alone in your fight. Access a vetted directory of activists, researchers, campaigns, and funders who are working together to stop fracking.

The Halt the Harm directory has individual profiles with information about their work and how to contact them directly. Use the map to search for people OR organizations in the network wide alliance map.

Now Available!

  • Search a database of over 250 leaders in the anti-fracking movement
  • Browse hundreds of grassroots organizations
  • Add groups to the alliance map
  • Easy login via email
  • Edit your own profile anytime, from any device
  • Request an introduction to someone in the database
  • List your skills so people can connect with you

New Features coming in January 2021!

  • Search the directory by skillset to find people to work with
  • Connect your profile to an organization in the map
  • Browse a library of shared network resources

Our team is working hard to make the Leader Directory one of the best resources to support you in fighting oil & gas industry.

To get involved, make suggestions, hear updates, and meet other leaders in the network, join Halt the Harm Network group in the Campaign Network.

Join the Leader Network

Visit map.halttheharm.net to create your account. 

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