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Welcome to a directory of activists, researchers, campaigns, and funders who are working together to stop fracking.

The Halt the Harm directory has individual profiles with information about their work and how to contact them directly.

You can even filter through profiles by topic or geographic area.

The Leader Directory is one of the best resources we can provide the movement to bring together individuals working against the harms of gas and oil development in an easy and accessible way.

Find other leaders in the network by skills, interests, or location.

Getting Started:

  1. Apply to the leader network
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Update Your Profile

Complete your profile by adding interests, expanding your bio, and adding images. This will make it easier to connect with other Leaders and start the conversation in whatever platform you prefer.

Keeping it Simple and Effective

One thing we've learned from talking with leaders in the network is that everyone uses different tools to communicate. Our leader directory only has a few critical features, and we left the rest for you to decide.

Your profile takes 5 minutes to setup and only asks for the key information : your interests, skills, and where you're located. Your email address stays private unless you decide to share it.

Other leaders in the network can send you a private message right from the profile – which you'll receive via email.

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