Raising Resistance

We support each other

Thousands of people read these stories and began to exchange their own. Sometimes just knowing that we aren't alone in our struggle is the most meaningful kinds of support. Also, knowing there are people willing to take action and be part of a network that can rely on each other.

FracTracker 2021 Community Sentinel Award nominations now being accepted

Honor your environmental heroes – Nominations now open for the 2021 Community Sentinel Award! Do you know an inspiring individual who is confronting fossil fuel harms through their activism and…

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Raising Resistance, Send your Gratitude to Four Amazing People Fighting harms of Fracking.

Thank you. Thank you for all you do to fight the harms of fracking and gas development. Thank you for reading and listening and being informed. Thank you for supporting…

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Thank you!

Thank you. Thank you for all you do to fight the harms of fracking and gas development. Thank you for reading and listening and being informed. Thank you for supporting…

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Nominate a Community Sentinel for FracTracker Alliance’s Annual Award

FracTracker Alliance created the Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship, now in its fourth year, to honor environmental heroes protecting their communities from the harms of the oil and gas industry – from fracking wells to pipelines to export terminals. And today, the nomination period has officially opened.

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Congratulations to this year’s Community Sentinel Awardees!

Here’s to ending the week on a high note! We are so excited to share with you all that two of your very own, Halt the Harm Network leaders, have…

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“One set of rules for Chesapeake. One set of rules for us.”

  This story is about Ranjana, a mother and economics lecturer in Arlington, Texas. She bought a house there with her husband in 1993. It’s Texas, so it didn’t shock…

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“My father always used to tell me, ‘He who shouts is losing.'”

Lisa grew up around Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, attended college at Duquesne University, and began a decade-long career as a journalist. So when she learned of a plan to dump coal ash…

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“I thought I was just doing my civic duty.”

Jenny is a blueberry farmer in Central Pennsylvania. For decades she lived her dream of owning a farm and raising her kids and dogs amongst rolling green hills. Everything changed…

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About the Raising Resistance campaign

The movement against fracking’s harms counts on a cadre of strong-willed and powerful leaders and activists working tirelessly to make sure their communities are kept safe and healthy from fracking’s negative impacts. These leaders are the resistance we must support. Unfortunately, these very people who work day in and day out also experience various forms of intimidation, coercion and fear tactics by industry to derail their work.

Jenny, a blueberry farmer from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania was arrested on a criminal trespass charge for investigating illegal fracking waste dumping near her home, when in fact, the dumping was done without a permit. Ranjana, an academic from Arlington, Texas was harassed for “holding out” and not signing a land lease when everyone else in her community did. And Lisa, a journalist, has experienced first-hand the verbal and messaging tactics meant to confuse public citizens.

These incidents may seem like isolated events, but they are part of a larger strategy to intimidate the movement working against fracking’s harms. We can not allow these leaders to feel that they are alone. Show your support for leaders like Jenny, Ranjana and Lisa by sending them an encouraging written message, a voicemail or learn about their work and how you can support it.

Stand with Jenny, Ranjana, Lisa and countless others in this movement of leaders who show up every day to stand strong against all kind of intimidation, coercion or fear tactics from opposition, and keep up the fight against the harms of fracking.


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