Thank you 2018 Community Sentinels!

The recipients of the FracTracker 2018 Community Sentinel Award are Ellen Gerhart, Natasha Leger, Rebecca Roter, and Nalleli Cobo. On this page you can learn about their efforts join others in congratulating them on their hard work protecting their communities from the harms of oil and gas industry.

  • Ellen Gerhart – Pennsylvania
  • Natasha Leger – Colorado
  • Rebecca Roter – Pennsylvania
  • Youth award: Nalleli Cobo – California

Your responses to each of the four community advocates are being compiled and will then be sent as a collective and resounding thank you from supporters everywhere.

Thank you for participating!

Thank you, Ellen Gerhart

Thank you, Ellen Gerhart, in Pennsylvania for standing up so passionately for justice, property rights, farmers, the rights to object, and for everyone that doesn't believe companies should take private land to feed their poisonous industry.

Thank you, Natasha Leger

Thank you, Natasha Leger of Colorado, for pushing back on industry outreach into our public lands and working tirelessly to drive science and conservation into the management values of agencies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Natasha is dedicated to protecting the North Fork Valley of CO from irresponsible oil and gas development, Natasha Léger stopped the permitting of an oil refinery disguised as a coal gasification plant.

Thank you, Rebecca Roter

Thank you, Rebecca Roter of Pennsylvania, for changing the perspectives, narratives and science, helping to get the first permanent air quality monitoring station in Susquehanna Co. PA due to concerns about nearby drilling activity.

Thank you Nalleli Cabo

Thank you Nalleli Cabo of California who experienced the health impacts of industry at age nine, and who has been taking action to stop dangerous oil drilling in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

2018 FracTracker Alliance Community Sentinel Awards

This event is now in its fourth year of honoring environmental heroes who are working to protect their communities from the harms of the oil and gas industry – from fracking wells, to pipelines, to export terminals.

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