Network Services

Are you working on a campaign and looking for resources and support? Halt the Harm Network connects grassroots leaders with funder, researchers, and experts to help you win campaigns.

As a network, you can both tap into the resources and provide support to other leaders. Complete our simple member application to get started and schedule a call with the welcome committee.

Leader Directory

Halt the Harm Network Leaders gain access to our directory, allowing them to find, learn about, and connect with other leaders.

Filters allow for easy searching for Leaders by region or areas of expertise.

Alliance Map

Learn more about organizations that are actively working on oil and gas drilling issues in your area or around the country by using the integrated Alliance Map.

This tool was developed by mapping experts at FracTracker Alliance.

Articles & Updates

Learn more about our network, the services provided, and stay up to date on what's happening behind the scenes at Halt the Harm on our blog.

We feature articles from our operations team and guest posts from the leader network.

Campaign Support

Would you like help organizing or planning a campaign to protect your community from fracking?

We're here to help connect you to the right tools and services, and even provide direct support.

Crowdfunding Support

Are you interested in starting a crowdfunding campaign, but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you're ready to go, but want to promote your campaign to a large base of supporters in our network.

Help Center

The Help Center is an advanced customer service portal for anyone impacted by fracking.

Volunteers, experts, and advocates connect those harmed by fracking to the resources they need to fight back.


This movement is created by Leaders inspired to take action.

While we are all connected by our shared goals to fight fracking's harms, each and every Leader brings a different perspective to this fight. Each perspective has a unique story behind it -- a story to tell and to inspire.

Webinar Series

Organizing and opposing fracking and gas development is no easy task. That's why we need to connect and learn from one another.

The webinar series is a way for leaders throughout the network to share their experience, skills, and tools in a dynamic, discussion-rich setting.

Offer Advice

Our network is strong because of our shared resources, connections, and because we're constantly seeking to improve.

If you have any advice, tools, materials, or services that you'd like to share, we'd love your support providing them to the network at large.

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Join as a Network Supporter to Get Action Alerts & Updates From Leaders in Your Zip Code Area

The best way to show your support is to join 14,000 other people in the network support base to receive action alerts from leaders in the network.

As a supporter, you'll receive messages by leaders in your zip code who use Halt the Harm Network's campaign support tools to send targeted emails. If there is a campaign in your area by a leader in the network you'll be sure to hear about it.