Support in Your Fight Against The Gas Industry

Access services, organizing tools, a directory, and one-on-one support to leverage your efforts to protect your community from the harms of oil & gas.



These services are created by members and shared within the network. Our strength is in collaboration, shared tools, and the exchange of knowledge & training.

Here's what we currently offer:

The Leader Directory

Explore the directory to connect with people based on shared interests, a needed skill, or geographic location. Halt the Harm Directory is one of the best resources for growing your network in the fight against fracking. 

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Alliance Map

Find and contact people across the country using the integrated Alliance Map of the Movement developed by FracTracker Alliance. The map features the hundreds of Halt the Harm members and others actively working on oil and gas drilling issues around the country. 

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Crowdfunding Help

Do you want to organize a fundraiser to support your work? Connect with us to get training or referrals for members of the network who can help you announce a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

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Campaign Support

If you're involved with a campaign, or planning to start one, we can help. Our team can provide one-on-one support and recommend members of the network you should connect with. In addition, Halt the Harm can help you get your announcement to supporters within your zip-code range. You can sign-up as a supporter here.

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Facebook Ad Campaign Support

Targeted Facebook Advertising is a powerful tool that isn't just for large brand campaigns. These tools can be powerful in the hands of people fighting the harms from fracking and gas development. Leaders in the network can schedule expert consultation & receive funds for their ad-buys. 

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Collaborate with others

"We are grateful for the Halt the Harm Network and the collaboration with Leaders from different areas. Working together to help those who have been abandoned by the industry that harmed them, and our government, has given these people hope." — Briget Shields, Leader

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The Fracking Help Center

The Help Center works to direct those harmed by fracking and gas development to resources and people they need to know fight back against the oil and gas industry. We work to provide customer service to people in need through a collaboration of Halt the Harm Leaders, legal assistance providers and advocates. 

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There are real economic risks with speculation and oil and gas development. Get real numbers from someone outside the industry. Halt the Harm Network and Post Carbon Institute are piloting a new briefing service to help a few selected leaders more quickly get their hands around the economic arguments against gas development and fracking.

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Watch the webinar: How Long Will the Shale Revolution Last?

Halt the Harm Podcast

This movement is created by people who take action.

Each of us brings a different perspective to this fight. Each perspective has a unique story behind it – that's what this podcast is about. 

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Webinar Series

Get an in-depth look at important tools, emerging science, and learn about campaigns working to fight the oil and gas industry. Check out our past and upcoming webinars and share an idea with us for a future one!

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