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A new report released by Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) exposes the use of “forever chemicals“ PFOA and PFOS chemicals in more than 1,200 fracking wells. Please join a network-wide effort to coordinate action and send a clear message that it needs to stop now.

About Forever Chemicals

These are often called "forever chemicals" because they are dangerous to human health and do not break down. The bombshell report released by HHN leaders (and long-time network participants) is a must read and a must engage.

Click here to read the report from PSR

This report shows that forever chemicals are affecting fracked communities, waste muds, drilling sites, and all the wells, pipelines, and infrastructure. The use of forever chemicals brings another front in the fight to halt the harms.

About Halt the Harm Network

Halt the Harm Network is an online discussion forum and events calendar used by people concerned with in-checked oil & gas industry harms.

​The network also provides a leader directory, and helps coordinate events, skill sharing, and strategy meetings among leaders.

Tell the EPA, "No Fracking With Forever Chemicals!"

“EPA must ban use of these chemicals in fracking by the oil & gas industry. Toxic forever chemicals have been used in fracking and it needs to stop!“

Sign the letter and be informed about how to protect yourself, your family, and community from these harms.

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