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Learn the fundamentals of the PFAS threat and the tools and strategies to build a successful campaign to protect your community with expert support.

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Oil & Gas activities, from drilling through the disposal of waste products, have been shown to expose people to dangerous per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly known as 'Forever Chemicals'.

To campaign effectively, we need to learn about the issue and develop a winning strategy with clear goals. Through this course, we’ll help you to identify points of intervention and develop campaign materials aimed at stopping the use of PFAS chemicals in the industry.

A network-based campaign can give you the upper hand

  • Your campaign is convincing and difficult for industry to discredit
  • Your talking points are organized, compelling, and spreading
  • You have a clear plan to build awareness, a clear call to action
  • You have the support of communications, campaign, and issue experts
  • You have technical support so you aren't wasting time figuring out new tools

Learn at your own pace with expert support

The PFAS Campaign Accelerator course is designed to be self-paced and focused so that each student can acquire foundational knowledge about a topic that is relevant to your organizing work.

Experts and course facilitators will review your progress and provide direct campaign support to help you develop your successful PFAS campaign.

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What you'll get out of the accelerator

Issue expertise

Learn foundational knowledge of PFAS chemicals and how they are being used by the Oil & Gas Industry.

tactics & Strategies

Learn about various local struggles happening around the country and develop your own campaign strategy & tactics.

Campaign Support

Utilize HHN campaign accelerator experts and the broader network to catalyze your campaign and WIN!

Who this program is for

Accidental Activists

You're not part of any organization, but you're mounting a fight against a fracking project or working to change policy.

Community Organizers

You work or volunteer with a nonprofit organization. You want to mobilize your base and build power to win specific campaigns.


You need to continually energize and expand your group's work, and a campaign focused on PFAS would provide the content and connections you need to succeed.

Chemical Experts

You've spent a great deal of your life pursuing a topic related to PFAS, and you want to share your experience, research, or resources to support the fight.


You're a writer or artist who wants to use your skills to push back on industry propaganda and support a campaign against fracking waste.

Group Members

You're involved with an organization and want to help connect your group with others in the movement working on PFAS and fracking issues.

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