Campaign Support

Use the Network To Boost Your Campaign

While our larger network shares tools & resources, a campaign has a more specific focus. Whether you're starting a new campaign or part of a long time battle, connecting with a network will give you more leverage.

Campaigns coordinated through the network take a variety of forms:

  • Creating a letter campaign or petition
  • Engaging in an industry intervention
  • Mobilizing locally through targeted messages
  • Organizing a rally or event

Apply for campaign support and someone from Halt the Harm Network team will schedule a call with you to discuss the best way to connect you with services and supporters in the network.

Support a Network Campaign

The best way to show your support is to join 14,000 other people in the network support base to receive action alerts from leaders in the network.

As a supporter, you'll receive messages by leaders in your zip code who use Halt the Harm Network's campaign support tools to send targeted emails. If there is a campaign in your area by a leader in the network you'll be sure to hear about it.

Leverage Your Campaign

July 6, 2017

Do you want to bring your campaign to a larger audience? Your campaign could be featured in this prominent part of our website, and also brought to a large base of supporters. Our team provides direct one on one support to help you launch a campaign through Action Network, a powerful tool for grassroots organizers.…

Find Supporters For Your Campaign

By running campaigns through the Halt the Harm Network, leaders have access to a base of over 14,000 advocates who oppose to fracking.

There are three ways campaigns are supported in the network:

  • Crowdfunding support
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Support
  • Email Announcement and Campaign Support

Some campaigns require more targeted, local support. Our tools allow you to send a message to specific zip codes, helping you reach the right people and build support for your campaign.

Join the network to use these features – complete a campaign support form at the bottom of this page, and contact the network team anytime using the chat icon in the bottom right anytime if you have questions about campaign support.

Apply For Campaign Support To Get Started

Connect with an experienced member of the network who can learn more about your campaign and provide support.

Use this form to share your campaign idea with our team. We'll get together and think about how we can best support you, and what services would be a good match.

Our application takes 5 minutes to complete – if you are not yet a member in our directory, sign-up to be eligible for this service.

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