Campaign Support Services

You're taking on a powerful and reckless industry, but you're not alone. There is a network of people who want to help.

Whether you're fighting a petrochemical plant, a pipeline, or simply fighting for your health – it's tough, thankless work.

And while technology has made it easier to connect and mount an opposition, it's also complicated and your message can get lost.

Fortunately, there are people who have dedicated their professional lives to helping campaigns be effective, and providing direct one-on-one support to people like you.

We can help you connect with the people who can help expand your network, get funding for small projects, and grow your online base of support for your campaign.

Schedule a 15 minute call with Ryan Clover (Network Operations Team) to discuss your campaign and get referred and introduced to specific leaders in the network who can help.

Read more about specific services offered in the network below.

2015-11 - Climate Rally Watkins Glen

“We did not anticipate the level of detail and planning HTH provides for campaigns and we have been very pleased with the results.”

~ Ann LeCuyer, Protect PT

We won the vote 6-2. It was unprecedented. Could not have done it without you running our online campaign. Thank you so much!

~ Ranjana Bhandari, Liveable Arlington

Services Available for Network Members

Pro Bono Services

Professional services from mapping, fundraising, technical help, media, expert testimony, and even legal support.

Host Webinars

Offer a presentation to the network and get tech support, promotion, and a video replay you can share to build your base.

Campaign Accelerator

Access a library of shared resources and campaign messaging tools along with a small-group of leaders working on the same issue.

Action Alerts

Network members can broadcast their announcements and actions to a large base of 18,000+ supporters, organized by state or region.


Network members can submit content for HHN monthly newsletter that highlights events, news, and campaigns.

New Connections

Access a directory and message board with over 300 people and organizations dedicated to fighting the industry.

Message Boards

Set up your own discussion group to plan a campaign, organize events, share materials, and make it easy for people to join.

Circle Network

Access to Circle networking space to make connections, send direct messages, and know happening across the broader network.

Shared Resources

Leaders in the fight are contributing their best resources; fact sheets, white-papers, and trainings so you can access what you need.

Example Projects

Online Organizing 

Increase participation and recruit volunteers with a Campaign Network group

Right now most of our work is organized through email threads, phone calls, and direct messages. Our announcements on social media get lost in the clutter, and it's difficult to bring a new person into the group – especially when we're trying to do everything online.

We need an online hub to organize documents, RSVPs to meetings, media, talking points, so it's easier to invite people to join and put pressure on industry or local officials.

The Campaign Network is the perfect place to create and offer that hub. It only takes 15 minutes to set up your group and start inviting people. Other members of the network can find your campaign and you get to decide if it's public or a private group.

See the Campaign Network page for more details, but the best way to learn about this opportunity is to schedule a call to talk about your campaign goals.

Email Campaigns

Send targeted email to up to 14,000 Supporters in the Network

By running campaigns through the Halt the Harm Network, leaders have access to a base of over 14,000 advocates who oppose to fracking.

We can set you up with an Action Network account connected to our supporter database. That allows you to create targeted email campaigns by zip code or county that bring traffic to your petitions, events, letters, and fundraisers, all hosted by the platform.

Usually these tools are complicated and out of budget for local groups, but with Campaign Support project you will have the licenses (free), and have guidance along the way.

To use these features – set up a quick call with Ryan from the operations team and he'll get you set up with an account and instructions for creating your campaign.

Online Events

Host an online event to kickstart your campaign and build an audience

While social media is a quick way to publicize an event, it's becoming less and less reliable way to get a commitment. However, there is a tested formula being used by successful campaigns that is guaranteed to connect you with people who will support your work – online events.

You can host live info-sessions, panel discussions, film screenings, meetings, and workshops – all of these can have a registration process that builds your email list.

When this is done correctly, the people on your list are more engaged, and more serious about supporting your campaign when you have an important announcement or call to action.


Run a successful online fundraising campaign to support your efforts

Crowdfunding is one of the best ways for community groups to build support, participation, and get the funding they need to win. It’s also challenging without an existing network to call on for support.

This is one of the reasons Halt the Harm Network is focused on providing Crowdfunding support. We can help you decide if it’s the right tool for you, and if it is, we can help you start your first campaign. Everyone’s fundraising needs are unique, and that’s where we come in.

Halt the Harm’s crowdfunding service involves one­ on ­one strategy and support to Leaders who apply for the service.. If it’s the right approach, we will provide a start­up kit that will give advice and resources to create a solid platform to start your campaign.

Schedule a call to get started

Hello, I'm Ryan, a member on the Network Operations Team. My job is to help connect you with free services offered within the network.

There are hundreds of leaders, dozens of organizations, and professionals ranging from legal advisors to professional fundraisers and film producers. The purpose of our call is for me to learn about the issue you're facing, your goals, what barriers you've run into, and what kind of support you're looking for.

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