Fracking Help Center

Providing Support & Documentation About Fracking.

The Help center is an extensive service and set of tools that we're developing along with Mountain Watershed Association in Pennsylvania – but is now relevant anywhere people are facing the harms of fracking.

It's three things – a TV advertisement warning people of the dangers of fracking development, a hotline number people can call, and a support center staffed by knowledgeable volunteers.

People can call the hotline or visit the support center to get the truth about fracking, get questions answered, and be connected to the advocacy resources they need.

Fracking Next Door TV Ad

In 2016 we ran a TV ad in Pennsylvania to warn residents about fracking, and to provide a support hotline people can call if they're looking for help. This was the pilot launch of our current help center. Click here to read the story of how this project developed and watch the ad below.

An Extensive Knowledge Base

Here's a snapshot of our fracking help center support portal. Click here, or on the picture to visit the site. This support center is a powerful tool that leaders in the network can refer people to, and even embed on their own website.

See the bottom of this page for an example of an embedded support portal and instructions on how to embed the portal on your site.

A Support Portal For The Entire Network

You can submit a help request directly into this content box below. Or, click the "search articles" tab and start typing a question – see how article are suggested for you? This is a powerful tool you can use on your own website, or you can refer people to

Want to add the support center to your website?

Copy and paste the following code into a content area on your site.

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@import url(;
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