Connecting People Fighting for Our Public Health, Environment, and the Planet. Meet The People of Our Movement

Meet the leaders, researchers, journalists, and organizations working to protect our communities and environment from the oil & gas industry.

This event includes meet ups, strategy conversations, and highlights 30+ leaders in communities across the country. Join sessions to learn about pipeline fights, public health threats, support services, and have opportunity to share what you're working on with others.

  • Tuesday – Opening Session
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday –  30+ Live-Stream Interviews and conversation
  • Thursday – PSR PA Climate Emergency Film Club
  • Friday – Nationwide networking call

Please take a moment and explore the discussion spaces, set up your profile, and learn more about Halt the Harm Network.

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Speakers from the following Groups

  • Beyond Petrochemicals Campaign
  • Beyond Plastics
  • Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan
  • Communitopia
  • Concerned Citizens of Navarro County
  • Damascus Citizens for Sustainability(DCS)
  • Earth Dog Films, Fracking the System
  • Earthworks
  • Environmental Health News
  • FracTracker Alliance
  • Keep It Wild
  • Lisa Johnson and Associates
  • OJI:SDA' Sustainable Indigenous Futures
  • Ohio River Valley Institute
  • Park Foundation
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility Pennsylvania
  • Property Rights and Pipeline Center
  • ReImagine Appalachia
  • Sierra Club
  • The Natural History Museum
  • Yale School of Public Health and Yale Cancer Center


  • Playing the long game: Overcoming defeat and setting new goals in the oil & gas fight
  • Telling the truth about plastic pollution
  • Pushing back against the Bitcoin Empire in Texas
  • Precautionary approach to fighting oil & gas
  • “We Refuse to Die” - On our exhibition, movement building, and media campaign to stop the petrochemical expansion
  • Transformative Climate Education for all
  • Stopping gas exports to protect public health and avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis!
  • Shared Prosperity in the Ohio River Valley
  • Using maps to inspire action
  • Journalism on plastic, toxic chemicals, and oil & gas pollution
  • Victory against the Epiphany Allegheny corporation and the ongoing battle against the Northern Access Pipeline in NY
  • Building power across labor, environmental advocates, faith leaders, and racial justice leaders in Appalachia
  • The Beyond Petrochemicals Campaign
  • Colorado’s oil and gas wars - Upcoming documentary film
  • FLIR Cameras – Making the invisible visible
  • Skill building for grassroots organizers
  • Legal advocacy for fracking victims and learning industry tactics
  • Getting a statewide fracking ban on the ballot in Michigan
  • Protecting landowners’ rights against pipeline development
  • Addressing the Health Impacts of Fracking

What we believe

  • Strong networks are a force multiplier in the fight to stop oil and gas development and even the battlefield against this well-resourced industry
  • Individuals and groups each bring something unique to the effort and a network facilitates the spread of information and resources in equitable ways to strengthen the movement

Who is participating

  • Leaders involved in campaigns and organizations across the United States
  • Community Organizers, Scientists, Students, Journalists, Educators, Lawyers, Government representatives, Film Makers and more…
  • Halt the Harm Network members and network builders
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What is Halt the Harm Network?

Halt the Harm is a people-powered network that connects Leaders and Supporters in the movement to halt the harms of the oil and gas industry. Our goal is to connect, serve and support community activists, leaders, experts, individuals, and other entities working to stop the industry’s negative impact on our families, communities and the environment.

In 2016 Netcentric Campaigns started the Halt the Harm Network (HHN) as a concept. The idea was to create a movement that would connect, and support individuals dedicated to protecting communities from the devastation caused by fracking and gas development.

HHN is currently (November 2022) composed of 3,985 Leaders aided by 18,492 Supporters. They represent 48 US states, D.C., and some countries outside the US. The people in HHN regularly take action to further the initiatives, campaigns, and organizing efforts to fight the oil and gas industry. They work in more than 370 organizations both large and small and include highly professional staff to volunteers who have ignited tiny ad hoc groups of resistance around very local issues such as a single well pad, injection well, spill, or pipeline threat.

The more we strengthen our networks and share resources, the stronger we are and the more leverage we have. Members of our Leader Network can share your latest campaign or call to action beyond your immediate contacts on the message forum. We invite you to join the network here.