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The recipients of the FracTracker 2020 Community Sentinel Awards are Edith Abeyta, Yvette Arellano, Theresa Landrum, and Brenda Jo “BJ” McManama

On this page, you can learn about their efforts and join others in congratulating them on their hard work protecting their communities from the harms of the oil and gas industry.

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Thank you, Edith Abeyta

Thank you Edith Abeyta, for your mobilization efforts that have encouraged hundreds of residents to be civically engaged, including North Braddock Residents for Our Future, who you worked with to stop the construction of a fracking well at the US Steel plant.

Thank you, Yvette Arellano

Thank you Yvette Arellano, for your organizing work that has fought for the access to clean water, air, land, and food to be considered a fundamental human right, and your efforts to help Houston’s most vulnerable communities on the petrochemical expansion fueled by plastic production.

Thank you, Theresa Landrum

Thank you Theresa Landrum, for your educational work on industrial pollution and environmental racism in Michigan. Your leadership of public pressure campaigns to decrease harmful emissions from industrial sites, and countless Environmental Justice tours, have inspired action.

Thank you Brenda Jo “BJ” McManama

Thank you Brenda Jo McManama, for your work with indigenous people and frontline communities in advocating for rightful justices. As an Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and Save Our Roots Campaign Organizer, you’ve stood in opposition to mountaintop removal and strip mining in West Virginia and helped promote forest protections.

2020 FracTracker Alliance Community Sentinel Awards

This event is now in its sixth year of honoring environmental heroes who are working to protect their communities from the harms of the oil and gas industry – from fracking wells, to pipelines, to export terminals.

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