Fighting Back Against the Oil & Gas Expansion in New Mexico

Oil production is expanding faster in New Mexico than anywhere else in the U.S., and the NM Permian Basin is at the heart of that toxic growth. Oil & gas activities in the state are having major health and environmental impacts on residents in the Permian Basin and are a major threat to the planet through their climate impacts.

​For this webinar, we were fortunate to be joined by individuals and groups from New Mexico who are pushing back to protect their communities from the harmful effects of the rapid Oil & Gas expansion.

​The speakers discussed the local air, water, and health impacts from fossil fuel operations, and the big impact New Mexico is having on our climate. Those activities include not only conventional oil drilling, but fracking, frac sand mining, intentional venting and flaring, toxic wastewater spills, heavy truck traffic, and more.

Our speakers also broke down the current political situation in the state, which is heavily influenced by oil & gas operations.

These courageous groups are fighting back to stop the pollution and implement better safeguards on industry activities. They shared the solutions they’re working to implement and how they’re demanding the state do it’s job to protect communities and the environment by overseeing and regulating the industry.


  • Kayley Shoup, Citizens Caring for the Future: Kayley presented background on the NM Permian, health impacts, CCFF’s work, and the state political context.
  • Sarah Granado, Jal, New Mexico: A resident in the heart of oil & gas pollution, Sarah spoke powerfully about the health impacts her family and her community are forced to endure and the need for better safeguards.
  • Melissa Troutman, Wild Earth Guardians: Melissa discussed NM’s leading role in oil production, its climate impacts, and the prevalence of toxic fracking wastewater spills and other leaks from he industry.
  • Charlie Barrett, Earthworks: A certified thermographer, Charlie discussed methane leaks, intentional flaring and venting, and how he and others are working to document these industry’s bad practices and push the state to properly regulate oil & gas activities.

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