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Unraveling the Law GRAPHIC 2

“Unraveling the Law” in Fracking-Related Litigation

By Ryan Clover | November 15, 2016

Among the many different tactics that advocates have taken to fighting fracking’s harms, litigation is among the most powerful tools. Yet the rise in these legal battles have led to a need for organizing all of this information in a way advocates and the legal community can use cases, both past and current, to support…

Webinar - funding the frontlines

Funding the Frontlines

By Ryan Clover | August 10, 2016

Funding: it’s always a topic of discussion at any workshop, conference or even informal get togethers among activists and leaders. Fighting the harms of fracking and gas development requires resources, yet unfortunately, smaller groups in this fight are often hard-pressed to effectively fundraise and find sustainable funding. Some groups working regionally have found that one…

fracking near schools

The Collision of Private Interests and Oil & Gas Regulations

By Ryan Clover | April 6, 2016

Corruption in the highest levels of state and federal regulation of the oil and gas industry may not come as a surprise to many. However, the extent to which these federal agencies and state bodies have succumbed to regulatory capture would surprise most. Halt the Harm Leaders have documented examples when the agencies created to…

Webinar direct support for those harmed by fracking

Direct Support for Those Harmed by Fracking

By Ryan Clover | June 24, 2015

Direct Support for Those Harmed by Fracking Learn about support services to directly help those harmed by the impacts of fracking. This webinar featured three Halt the Harm Network Leaders to tell you about the services they provide and ways you can access the support. Services featured: Mountain Watershed Association’s Direct Support Fund, Berks Gas…

Webinar the advocates toolkit hhn

The Advocate’s Toolkit: Resources for Tracking the Harms of Fracking

By Ryan Clover | April 8, 2015

The Advocate’s Toolkit: Resources for Tracking Harms of Fracking. Learn about tools you can use to map and track the harms of fracking. This webinar featured three experts to tell you about tools they work on and ways you can integrate these tools into your work. Tools featured: FracTracker Mobile App |YouAreHereNYMap.org | #Fileroom About the Presenters: Samantha Malone…

Webinar the health harms of fracking

The Health Harms of Fracking

By Ryan Clover | March 23, 2015

This session focused on the latest research and findings in the field about health impacts of fracking. The panel shared examples of impacts found in research, in the field and ways these impacts can be used in organizing efforts. View the recording below.  Want more free services like this webinar? Apply to be a Halt…

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