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Read more about the benefits offered to leaders below. As a Leader in the Halt the Harm Network, you have access to all the valuable tools and resources provided and news and updates on plans for where the Network will go. We are here to help you fight all the harms caused by the oil and gas industry. You can learn more about us and how we make this happen in the About Us section.

Jenny Lisak

Raising Resistance Campaign

The movement against fracking’s harms counts on a cadre of strong-willed and powerful leaders and activists working tirelessly to make sure their communities are kept safe and healthy from fracking’s negative impacts. These leaders are the resistance we must support. Unfortunately, these very people who work day in and day out also experience various forms of intimidation, coercion and fear tactics by industry to derail their work. 

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Campaign Support

As a Leader of Halt the Harm Network, you can collaborate with thousands of people across the country are willing to take action to halt fracking’s harms. The Network will help provide leverage to your campaign ideas with one-on-one support: we will help craft and launch your campaign to appeal to people we know and we connect you directly to the supporters we know in your target area. All campaigns are led by Leaders. Learn more about how to submit a campaign.
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Halt the Harm Leader Directory

Leader Directory

This Leader-exclusive directory has individual profiles of every Halt the Harm Leader, with information about how to contact them directly, links to their social media pages and more. You can even filter through the hundreds of profiles by topic or geographic area. The Leader Directory is one of the best resources we can provide the movement to bring together individuals working against the harms of gas and oil development in an easy and accessible way.
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Halt the Harm FracTracker Map

FracTracker Alliance Map

Find and contact Leaders across the country using the integrated Alliance Map of the Movement developed by FracTracker Alliance. The map features the hundreds of Halt the Harm Leaders and others actively working on oil and gas drilling issues around the country. Browse the map.

Collaborate with others

"We are grateful for the Halt the Harm Network and the collaboration with Leaders from different areas. Working together to help those who have been abandoned by the industry that harmed them, and our government, has given these people hope." — Briget Shields, Leader

Halt the Harm Webinar Series - © Public Herald

Webinar Series

Working to fight the harms of fracking and gas development is always complex. Leaders tell us they love the opportunity to learn from each other and share best practices in a dynamic, discussion-rich setting. Our webinar series gives an in-depth look at important tools, emerging science and all the various ways Leaders are working to fight the oil and gas industry. Check out our past and upcoming webinars and share an idea with us for a future one!
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Halt the Harm Map of Litigation - © Public Herald

Map of Litigation

Currently a service in development, the map of litigation will be a comprehensive online map of fracking-related litigation happening around the country. This will be a valuable resource to advocates, individuals and allies from across the legal community. Get involved or find out more.
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Halt the Harm Help Center - © Public Herald

Help Center

The Help Center works to direct those harmed by fracking and gas development to resources and people they need to know fight back against the oil and gas industry. We work to provide customer service to people in need through a collaboration of Halt the Harm Leaders, legal assistance providers and advocates. Get involved or reach out for assistance.
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Halt the Harm Crowdfunding Support - © Public Herald

Crowdfunding Support

Small groups working to fight the harms of fracking often need funding to get things done. Leading a fight against harms you never wanted can leave you hard-pressed to effectively fundraise. In an effort to help, we will work hands-on with Leaders to help launch and run strong crowdfunding campaigns. We will also spread best practices to all Leaders interested in raising money for specific projects and work to help your efforts gain attention. Get involved or find out more.
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Halt the Harm Zoning Toolkit - Source : Danielle LeJeune

Zoning Toolkit

Working in partnership with Mountain Watershed Association, this service, currently in development, will offer a resource directory and a permit tracking system to benefit Leaders fighting fracking and gas development harms in Pennsylvania, specifically around local zoning fights. Get involved or find out more as this service is developed.

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Event Support

We believe that to build a stronger movement in-person events and face-to-face exchanges partnered with online interactions solidify relationships and social ties among Leaders. The Event Support service will provide a unique opportunity for Leaders to utilize the Network to support, enhance and promote their events as well as attend other events.
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Finance & Reporting

We are committed to transparency and ongoing feedback on the health of the network. Leaders have access to the latest financial reports, timelines of activities and progress on major objectives.

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You can help stop fracking and pollution related to extraction by lending your voice to current campaigns. Take action today!


This movement is created by Leaders inspired to take action. 

While we are all connected by our shared goals to fight fracking's harms, each and every Leader brings a different perspective to this fight.Each perspective has a unique story behind it -- a story to tell and to inspire.