The Fight to End New Fracking Permits in Colorado

Grassroots groups in Colorado have launched a campaign to phase out fracking using a statewide ballot initiative. The campaign builds on long-term efforts to overcome government and industry opposition to implementing protections for the health of front line residents and the state’s land, air, and water.

Patricia Garcia-Nelson and Micah Parkin from the Safe and Healthy Colorado coalition joined us to talk about the campaign. They explained the current political situation in Colorado, why groups there chose the ballot initiative approach, and the strategy behind using the ballot initiative to phase out oil & gas permitting.

At the moment, the campaign is focused on raising money for collecting signatures for the ballot initiative, and they shared several ways to follow their campaign efforts.

✨ Follow their campaign here: 📣 You can find information on how to support the campaign on their Take Action and Donate pages.

The recording will be useful for individuals and organizations in other states who want to learn about the ballot initiative strategy and how it might apply in your state.

The live discussion was followed by an audience Q&A.

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