Stopping 160+ Fracking Wells in Aurora, Colorado

The local group “Save the Aurora Reservoir” (STAR) joined Halt the Harm to discuss their efforts to stop the drilling of over 160 fracking wells east of Denver.

STAR has done incredible organizing work to protect their community from this fracking project. At the webinar they shared the inspiring story of their organizing efforts and gave us a clear picture of its human and environmental impacts. STAR and their allies with 350Colorado and Sierra Club also discussed where the project stands and their strategies going forward. As a part of that discussion, they gave an overview of Colorado’s plans to implement Cumulative Impact rules for new oil & gas projects and how it impacts the fight in Aurora.After the presentation, we had an interactive brainstorming session with the audience to help STAR think of tactics and strategies to try. We left that section in the recording and you’re welcome to watch it or skip over it and the calls to action to get to the Q&A.

You can expect to learn about grassroots efforts to stop oil & gas harms in Colorado, the first of its kind cumulative impact rulemaking process, and participate in a valuable exchange of knowledge and strategies around oil & gas issues.

Background on the Proposed Fracking Wells

Known as the “Lowry Ranch Comprehensive Area Plan,” the massive fracking project proposed by oil & gas company Civitas would generate new emissions harming the air quality of local communities that are already in a non-attainment area for Ozone pollution. The wells, which would be constructed near the scenic Aurora Reservoir, would also present potential dangers to water quality and waste significant water resources in a state facing a water crisis.

The state of Colorado plans to implement new Cumulative Impact rules for oil & gas projects in the Spring, which may require cumulative health and environmental impacts to be taken into consideration when considering permits. Unfortunately, this large-scale fracking project may get approved before the new cumulative impact rules are finalized, undermining the state’s goals of protecting the health and environment of Colorado residents.

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