“Say This, Not That” Kickoff Event: Countering Oil & Gas Misinformation

Yesterday we hosted an event with 273 registrants from many different time zones attended to kickoff the “Say This Not That” series of events and discussions on messaging.

The replay video is now live in the network. Please log in, or take a moment to create your free account. You’ll also have access to the full recording library in the network.

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Note: The recording is private for network leaders – We edited out breakout pauses, and retained discussion on industry terms at the end.

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“Say This, Not That” Kickoff Event: Countering Oil & Gas Misinformation

The oil and gas industry has been running misinformation and disinformation campaigns for decades. We’ve seen how effective they’ve been at distorting public perception: Even environmental groups and allies often unintentionally adopt pro-industry framing and language. This undermines the urgency to address pollution and hinders environmental action.

​How can we avoid repeating industry misinformation?

​Join us for the kickoff of our new event series: “Say This, Not That.”

​In this series, you’ll hear from a series of experts who specialize in countering the oil & gas industry’s pervasive misinformation campaigns. You’ll learn how to identify industry talking points and how to frame messaging effectively and accurately.

​For our first session, David Gold from the Environmental Polling Consortium will guide us on how to avoid industry messaging and frame your messaging effectively.

​→ Access the Replay and Notes Here​

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