16 – Ron Gulla, Fracking Destroys Everything We Love

In this episode, Ron Gulla shares his experience being impacted by fracking and challenging the industry in PA. 

Ron Gulla is a recipient of the Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship, and one of the first voices to speak out against fracking in PA after his farm was contaminated by Range Resources.

This podcast is a project of Halt the Harm Network, which can connect you with people who are working to protect families, communities, and the environment from the harms of fracking and the oil & gas industry.

As mentioned in this episode:


Ron Gulla, a former employee of the oil and gas industry, has been raising awareness around fracking’s destructive impacts on soil and water resources since he experienced them firsthand on his property in Pennsylvania;

Core Message:

“Fracking, and the oil & gas industry destroy people’s lives, environment, everything we love. Ask yourself, would I want my family to live on top of a contaminated site? We’re all involved in it whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, or undertaker. We all gotta drink water, we all gotta drink air, we all gotta eat food!”


This podcast is a project of halttheharm.net, a website that connects you with leaders, activists, researchers, economists, legal experts, and funders to protect your community from the oil & gas industry. Halt the Harm is a network of leaders who are taking action, sharing resources and information, and supporting each other’s campaigns. Find out more at halttheharm.net

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Recorded, produced, and published by Ryan Clover and Jimmy Jordan in the studios WRFI Watkins Glen, Ithaca

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