February 2024 – Halt the Harm Newsletter (Issue #18)

📍 The Network is Growing

Let’s give a big welcome to the 186 people have joined Halt the Harm’s private online network in the last month!

You may have seen the introductions coming through. You can catch up and leave comments to welcome people in the ​👋 Say Hi​ area.

This year a new group of leaders have joined the HHN Connector Fellowship, all from major oil & gas states (TX, CO, LA, NY, PA, OK, CA) to make connections and help lead networking efforts.

They co-hosted our last networking session – which was so much fun. Please stay tuned for the next opportunity for Zoom meeting with breakout rooms to build your own network.

Alright, let’s get right to the network updates.

📢 Network & Partner Alerts

The following alerts are posted in the Network Bulletin, a public space to share your alerts network wide. Add your announcements there anytime.

🗓️ Upcoming Events

Register for upcoming events from network leaders!

Register for events on the network 📆 Events Calendar

❤️ Supporting grassroots leaders on national campaigns

There are a number of major nationwide campaigns happening now related to issues that directly affect many leaders in Halt the Harm’s Network.

If you or your group is actively helping with or interested in helping support the following campaigns, please reply to this email and let us know.

Halt the Harm offers pro-bono digital campaign support for grassroots leaders to ensure their voices are centered on these issues and to help groups build their supporters lists:

  • EPA Methane Emissions Charge
  • PHMSA Advanced Leak Detection Rule
  • EPA Regulation of Vinyl Chloride

Are you impacted by any of these issues? Let’s talk.

📹 Recent Recordings

Access the ​full library​ of webinar recordings in Halt the Harm Network. Here are the latest 4 recordings:

👋 Say hi to new leaders

(And introduce yourself if you haven’t already!)

You can learn about several of the newest members in “Say Hi!” section of our network ​here​.

Please give new members a warm welcome and feel free to reach out to learn more about their work or suggest new collaborations.

Sincerely, Ryan, AC, Kevin, Marty, and Krishna

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