Leadership and Activism Skill Building Summit : Your Input Needed

Does this sound familiar to you?

“Activist? I’m just a parent protecting my kids…” (Gillian, sharing her reaction to the industry’s accusations towards her work against fracking).

Many of us have become activists or change-makers because life presented us with challenges that we couldn’t ignore. Standing up against the threats to our personal livelihood and our immediate communities is a visceral instinct (Ie being impacted by oil and gas pollution).

We are “just” fighting for our families, for our communities, for future generations…

People like you all over the world are standing up against injustices.

Navigating the journey and growing pains of becoming a change-maker isn’t always easy, especially when it’s not by choice.

That’s why we’re proposing a Skill Building Summit designed for those on the front lines—activists, parents, grandparents, students, young voices, wisdom keepers, and more.

We’d like to hear from you:

What skills would be most helpful to you in your community?

Please take a moment to let us know by answering this very short poll.

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